Meet Kimberly Tyre, NYCHA Resident & Emergency Preparedness Associate

“I have worked in the community as an advocate for public housing residents, public school children, and on child welfare issues,” Ms. Tyre said. “I went into the Community Health Worker program to have a well-rounded perspective because I’m passionate about working in my community in multiple capacities and I wanted to ensure that I had a holistic approach to helping my community get what it needs. I’m happy I now get to work at NYCHA with residents.”

Ms. Kimberly Tyre has volunteered in her community to advocate for parents, child welfare issues, and marginalized people. She leads her nonprofit, Family Benches, which focuses on providing respite care for single parents: “My objective is to minimize the amount of Black and brown children going into foster care.” She is also developing an app for parents with children with individualized education plans (IEP) to help them navigate the school system and gain the necessary support.

Read more about Kimberly Tyre. This is an excerpt from a May 10, 2023 article in The NYCHA Journal.

Kimberly graduated with her MS in Project Management in June 2023. Pictured here with Vice President Humphrey Crookendale.