“Unpacking Emotional Baggage and Helpful Coping Mechanisms,” the blog post on OC87 Recovery Stories, Shaquiea Sykes, MBA’08 Media Management alumna and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion professional, discusses the toll of carrying around the emotional baggage of depression. In this essay, she talks about setting it down.

As a Black woman, I have no room for error. I must appear strong and resilient to excel in my career and to be there for my family. I’ve been able to mask how I feel for the most part and appear okay to many.
I have a successful career and a very active life, says Shaquiea Sykes.

When I reflect on my emotional baggage, I think about the lyrics to the Erykah Badu song “Bag Lady. ” The lyrics speak to my experience with my emotional baggage. She sings, “Bag lady, you goin’ hurt your back, Draggin’ all ’em bags like that, I guess nobody ever told you, All you must hold on to is you, One day all ’em bag goin’ get in your way, One day all ’em bag goin’ get in your way.”

Learn more about Shaquiea’s successful journey in navigating mental health, empowerment and change in the blog article featured on OC87 Recovery Diaries.

More About Shaquiea Sykes, MBA’08
Shaquiea Sykes is a DEI professional. In her off time, Shaquiea loves fitness and is also interested in creating inclusive and diverse spaces for individuals in the fitness world. She holds a BA in Legal Studies from the University of Pittsburgh, an MBA in Business/Media Management from the Metropolitan College of New York, and an MS in Organizational Leadership from Lehman College. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.