Richard R. Buery, Jr. and Chaplain Dr. Ingrid P. Lewis-Martin are distinguished public servants and leaders who have dedicated their careers to public service.

June 1, 2024Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY) announced Richard R. Buery, CEO of Robin Hood and Chaplain Dr. Ingrid P. Lewis-Martin, Chief Advisor to NYC Mayor Eric Adams as speakers and recipients of honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degrees on June 15, 2024, at 1:00 pm at the Jacob Javits Convention Center for its 47th Commencement ceremony. 

“The MCNY community is delighted that Rich Buery and Ingrid Lewis-Martin will join us at Commencement to celebrate the achievements of our graduates and their positive impact on New York City,” said Dr. Joanne Passaro, President of Metropolitan College of New York, “Mr. Buery and Chaplain Dr. Martin embody the mission and Purpose-Centered goals of MCNY, and we look forward to honoring their work to eliminate poverty and advance social equity in our communities.”

Richard R. Buery, Jr. and Chaplain Dr. Ingrid P. Lewis-Martin are distinguished public servants and leaders who have dedicated their careers to public service, focusing on initiatives that benefit underserved communities in New York City. Their deep NYC roots guide their understanding of and commitment to the City’s unique challenges and incredible opportunities.

With extensive backgrounds in public service and community leadership, they have been instrumental in reforms in education. Mr. Buery was a key figure in implementing Pre-K for All, and Chaplain Dr. Lewis-Martin restructured the City’s hiring process to promote diversity and inclusion, impacting the educational sector. They have both worked to successfully ensure that city government and the nonprofit sector operate efficiently and equitably, addressing systemic inequalities and promoting diverse leadership.

Inspired by leaders such as our distinguished speakers, MCNY graduates pursue careers in public administration and public service, human services, business, education, emergency management, finance, city and state government, health care, information technology and media. They go on to do great things; improve existing non-profits and start new ones; lead government agencies, corporations, and first-responder teams. They are contributing members of our global community who give back—while getting ahead. Their commitment to Purpose-Centered Education has positioned them to lead positive change and work toward a better and more equitable world.

About Richard R. Buery, Jr.
Richard R. Buery, Jr., born and raised in East New York, Brooklyn, is the CEO of Robin Hood, one of the nation’s leading anti-poverty organizations. Before joining Robin Hood, he led the Achievement First charter school network and managed policy and public affairs for the KIPP Foundation.

As New York City’s Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives, Buery was the architect of Pre-K for All, ensuring free, full-day pre-K for every four-year-old, increasing enrollment by 50,000 in a year and a half. Earlier, he founded Groundwork to support the educational aspirations of Brooklyn’s public housing residents and co-founded iMentor to guide high school students to college graduation. He also served as President and CEO of the Children’s Aid Society, where he founded the Children’s Aid College Prep Charter School.

About Chaplain Dr. Ingrid P. Lewis-Martin
Chaplain Dr. Ingrid P. Lewis-Martin is the Chief Advisor to New York City Mayor Eric Adams. A lifelong New Yorker, she is dedicated to public service and is part of the three-woman executive leadership team at City Hall. Reporting directly to the Mayor, she resolves critical issues and participates in high-level meetings. In the absence of the mayor, she is his designee.

Her responsibilities include overseeing the Office of Administrative Services (MOAS) and the Office of Appointments (MOA). MOAS manages City Hall’s $60M+ budget, strategic planning, hiring, office supplies, and technical support. MOA recruits and vets leaders for over 200 mayoral boards and commissions. Ingrid restructured the City’s hiring process to promote diversity and inclusion.

Additionally, she manages special projects, maintains agency and stakeholder relationships, and ensures efficient, equitable City government operations.

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