Yes, the MPA in Public Affairs and Administration and MPA in Emergency & Disaster Management programs require an interview with the dean, assistant dean or director of the program in addition to transcripts evaluated by a NACES approved agency, if a student’s schooling has taken place outside the USA. Moreover, all students interested in the MPA in Public Affairs and Administration should have the following in mind:

  • An organization with which you may want to work for or are currently working in already in mind.
  • A sense of a problem facing that organization.
  • A relationship with a qualified individual within the organization who is willing to supervise you as you research and propose solutions to a problem facing the organization.

To document the above mentioned, students will need to provide the following with their application, or (if given Dean approval) by the sixth week of class:

  • A letter of agreement documenting that 21 hours of supervision in an appropriate administrative setting will be provided to the applicant by a qualified individual within the organization. A special form to document this is available by contacting
  • A field supervisor form that documents the qualified individual has a master degree and five years of professional experience deeming them appropriate to serve a supervisory role. A field supervisor verification form is available by contacting