Metropolitan College of New York’s (MCNY) School for Business partners with one of India’s Top 5 most prestigious universities, Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), Delhi University, to produce “Indo-US Economic Perspective on Sustainable Growth” – a seminar addressing, in part, June 2016’s joint statement by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and President Barack Obama. The joint statement discussed the strategic partnership between the United States and India that is rooted in shared values and pledged to pursue new opportunities for economic growth and sustainable development.

tilokie depoo

DR. Tilokie Depoo, CAO & Dean, MCNY School for Business

Who:  MCNY’s Dr. Tilokie Depoo, Chief Academic Officer and Radhika Jha, MCNY Faculty & Seminar Organizer

When:  Monday, October 17th, 2016, 10:15am – 12:45pm

Where:  Metropolitan College of New York, 60 West Street, New York, NY 10006 — Community Commons Conference Center, 1st Floor

 Program Agenda:  


Radhika Jha, MCNY Faculty & Seminar Organizer

10:15am – Introductions by Radhika Jha (MCNY Faculty & Organizer of Seminar)

10:25am – Welcome by Dr. Tilokie Depoo (Chief Academic Officer & Dean, School for Business)

10:35am – Financial Crisis 2007-2008: Repercussions on U.S. Markets by Nathalie Brehe and Lea Veber (MCNY – Undergraduate Students)

10:50am – Emerging Indian Economy-Attracting Global Investment by SRCC Participants

11:05am – A Review of the U.S. Stock Markets by
Arlene Rojas and Moe Win (MCNY –Undergraduate Students)

11:20am – Glimpses from Dalal Street-A Review of the Indian Stock Market by SRCC Participants

11:40am – U.S Economy at a Glance- Macro-Economic Indicators by Dr. Tilokie Depoo & Radhika Jha

12:05pm – Thank You by Dr. Mallika Kumar (SRCC: Faculty & International Programs Coordinator)

INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITIES: All Participants are available for Interview

Contact: Brian Franklin, 703-201-3875, bfranklin@thewakemanagency.com

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Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) is named in recognition of the contribution made by its founder Sir Shri Ram.  SRCC embarked on its voyage early in the year 1920 when on the day of Basant Panchmi, seven leading businessmen in Delhi established the Commercial Education Trust. The Trust set up its first school in the same year under the name The Commercial School at Charkhewalan in the walled city of pre-independence Delhi. The school introduced a Post-Matriculation Diploma Program in Commerce under the supervision of Mr. R.K. Kumar, who later became the first Principal of The Commercial College. The inauguration of the College paved the entry of commerce education in the university system of Delhi. The classes began with twelve students and four faculty members. In 1926, the College became part of the University of Delhi. Shri Ram College of Commerce is located at University of Delhi North Campus, Maurice Nagar, Delhi – 110007, India For more information visit www.srcc.edu.