A Bachelor’s in Creating a Safe Haven for: Our City’s Most Vulnerable.

A veteran of the Afghanistan War, former U.S. Marine Carlos Campo is putting his experience protecting our nation to work here at home with the bachelor’s degree in Emergency Management and Business Continuity he earned at MCNY.


As a veteran, I thought it might be hard for me to transition into civilian life. Not at MCNY. The Emergency Management major gave me a way to continue to serve my community—and the staff and my peers at MCNY were so welcoming, they made the process simple. The staff walked me through everything, step by step, so it all just really fell into place. And when I found myself in need of money to cover tuition and expenses, I was able to get what I needed through the Yellow Ribbon Program for veterans.

What did MCNY’s Purpose-Centered Education mean to you?

It gave me focus, direction and the ability to put my skills to work while I was in college. I learned what it takes to protect the general population from natural and man-made disasters—including how to distinguish hazards and react to them—from professors who had real experience and insights in the field. Then I was able to implement what I learned through my Constructive Action plan.

Tell us about your Constructive Action plan. How has it impacted your career?

My Constructive Action (CA) focused on understanding the underlying causes of terrorism and different diplomatic and other strategies for counteracting them. What I learned during my CA will definitely help me when I start the NYPD police academy later this year and help me achieve my ultimate career goal: To help combat terrorism either as part of the police department or with a federal agency such as the CIA, FBI or DEA.