A Master’s in Creating a Community of Opportunity for: Heroes in Need.

A Navy veteran who served in both the Afghanistan and Gulf Wars, Anthony Harrison is using his military experience—and the Constructive Action plan he developed while earning his MBA in General Management at MCNY—to help veterans struggling with the transition to civilian life.


I initially went to MCNY for my BPS degree in Human Services. I had just left active duty and was looking to use the money I’d gained in the service to go to school full time. What drove me to choose MCNY was the accelerated program. It enabled me to earn my degrees—both of them—faster than I would at other colleges.

What did MCNY’s Purpose-Centered Education mean to you?

Purpose-Centered Education has a level of structure to the program that I found very appealing. It was clear to me how each “Purpose” would help me acquire the skills I wanted and needed—in strategic planning, building relationships, etc.

Tell us about your Constructive Action Plan. How has it impacted your career?

My Constructive Action (CA), which focused on managerial leadership from my military perspective, was really a forerunner for what I’m doing now. I’m an outreach specialist for the nonprofit Services for the Underserved and create strategic plans to match veterans with top companies. I do my research and create an individualized plan for each veteran to make him “marketable” and get him the services. Since I started with the organization in December 2014, I’ve probably placed more than two dozen veterans.

What’s your ultimate goal?

I think of myself as an “agent of change.” I want to be a “mover and a shaker” and hope to one day be in the “C-suite” of a fortune 500 company so I can work from the inside and create policies and procedures that provide greater career opportunities to veterans like me.