A Bachelor’s in Building Stronger Financial Futures for Women in Harlem.

A counselor and co-owner of a financial services agency, Nancy Perez is putting her MCNY Purpose-Centered Education into action. Using the Constructive Action plan she developed while earning her Bachelor of Professional Studies in Human Services degree, the Manhattan resident now mentors others so they can live within their means—and still achieve their dreams.


I was hopping around, in search of a college that fit me. I wanted to live a “purpose-centered life” so I searched that phrase online—and found MCNY. I went to an Open House and absolutely fell in love with the school. I knew this environment was exactly what I had been searching for.

Was MCNY’s Purpose-Centered Education all you thought it would be?

This focused approach helped me grow academically, personally and professionally. I chose the BPS program in Human Services because of my business. I’m the co-owner of a financial counseling agency so I’m really in the people business. The Purpose—or semester—on facilitating groups was so valuable. It was all about building relationships, teaching methods, counseling, and supervision.

Tell us about your Constructive Action plan. How has it impacted your career?

My Constructive Action (CA) focused on improving my business and it has helped us grow the agency. We now have more than 40 employees in two locations. It also helped me become a change agent. During my CA, I did a special project where I created a financial literacy program for women in Harlem. That program has grown and evolved, and I have also brought it to other community and church groups. To be able to help people and see them improving their financial situations—it’s a great feeling.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Nancy was awarded a scholarship every semester while earning her degree at MCNY and credits our Financial Aid counselors with helping her to understand her options and make her education affordable.