On Tuesday, March 6th, Dr. Tilokie Depoo, Chief Academic Officer of Metropolitan College, hosted the Academic Programs Division celebration of the outstanding scholastic achievements of some of our brightest undergraduate students with a Dean’s List Recipient reception in the 7th floor Academic Programs area. Dr. David Rosner represented the School for Business; Dean Adele Weiner represented the Audrey Cohen School for Human Services and Education, and Dean Humphrey Crookendale and Mr. Chuck Frank represented the School for Public Affairs and Administration, under which the Emergency Management & Business Continuity programs are housed.

More than 30 of the 85+ honorees were present at the joint reception where they received their certificates and partook in a lovely late lunch.  In order to be recognized for academic excellence, an undergraduate student must:

  • Receive an “A” for the semester’s Constructive Action

  • Maintain an overall GPA (grade point average) of at least 3.70 for the semester

  • Be registered for 12 or more credits

  • No course in the semester can be a repeat course

We again congratulate all of the recipients who demonstrated outstanding academic performance and look forward to many more students joining their stellar ranks.

Ardian Ahmetaj
Leela Ajitsingh
Suhail Alvarez
Angelia Amores
Mark Baldeo
Trishanna Barnhardt
Yaridania Betancourt
Garnett Bingham
Evan Bourne
Tatianna Bowen
Todd Bristow
Kevin Burke
Jessica Chandler
Claudine Christophe
Amy Coello
Rudy Cuthrell
Charles Delgado
Nigel Dey
Rose Diagne
Rossy Escalante
Steven Eusebio
Patience Felder
Nelson Fernandez
David Ferreira
Marquise Frasier
Obeng Frimpong
Shaisa Garcia
Tenille Gazemar
Viviana Gomez
Antonia Grant
Cecilia Grant
Jerome Green
Yadel Hernandez
Labeau Hodge
Mariah Hom
Jaane Jain
Ismayil Jumshudov
Sareh Khajeh Poor
Muhammad Khubaib Khilji
Jong Kim
Naomy Laguerre
Melina Loveras
Suzette Malcolm
Doris Marshall-Doresthan
Jenniffer Martinez
Diamond Medina
Angel Molleturo
John Morris
Taylor Moskowitz
Juliet Murray
Joseph Neault
Diana Neckles-Mark
Anaelle Ngoulako
Flordeliz Nunez
Francine Oliveira
Jeffrey Padilla
Zaved Palak
Alay Patel
Bryan Paulino
Adrian Perdomo
Dalie-Ange Pierre
Shayla Proctor
Shivonne Ramsay
Sarah Rios
Mary Rivera
Keir Roberson
Marci Rodriguez
Cinthia Rodriguez
Chante Russell
Eddy Sanchez
Katrina Santana
Ray Smith
Daniel Strohmeier
Syira Sukhra
Louisselle Tatis
Karisa Taylor
Odaine Tomlinson
Zelma Torres Rosado
Yacouba Traore
Jennifer Valdiviezo
Marilyn Vargas
Tarita Walton
Stephanie West
Zanvenena West- Duprey
Zenobia Wheeler
Jermaine Williams
Yan Qing Wu
Gabriel Wylie
Andrew Yun