Jennifer Gonzalez decided to go back to school in April of 2017. She sacrificed a lot as a teenage single mom raising two children on her own.  She worked a demanding job in the social service field for 10 years and missed out on spending time with her family. “Now my children are 16 and 11. They are amazing, independent, supportive and loving and they understand that their mom has a dream,” says Jennifer, “They don’t allow me to give up. My children are my team.”

The spunky Cake Chef honed her craft through YouTube tutorials and the main ingredients were courage and determination!  However, Jennifer knew that the business side of owning a bakery was more than she could learn on YouTube.  This South Bronx resident knew that the timing was right when she noticed that the MCNY Bronx campus was open and in the heart of her community!

“When I first started college, I encountered some difficult decisions. I had to decide whether to put my hopes and dreams to the side once again and continue to take care of my sick parents. I felt guilty, sad and confused. However, I made sure that they had the proper home assistance and moved forward with my decision — to finally put myself first with a college degree.”

The 40th Precinct South Bronx treated moms to a special community brunch.  The 1st annual “Muffins for Mom” brunch on May 10 was held at Metropolitan College of New York Bronx Campus.  Jennifer Gonzalez, was the first to be invited and says she’s happy moms are getting recognition within the Bronx community.  Watch the news clip from Bronx News12.

Jennifer continues to do everything FULL-TIME — Single mom, student and cake chef.  La Dulce Vida Cupcakes is my third child. I love my business like I love my children; I treat it with care and lots of love and respect,” says Jennifer, “I am often shocked by my ability to do so much from my little kitchen in the South Bronx.”

What does the future hold for Jennifer Gonzalez?  She hopes to open a little shop, in the South Bronx where La Dulce Vida Cupcakes was born.  A place where customers will come in, enjoy a cupcake and maybe, a glass of wine or cup of coffee.  La Dulce Vida Cupcakes is growing every day with continuous orders from cupcakes to wedding cakes.

“MCNY has been extremely supportive of my business and my dream by inviting me to participate in events at the Bronx campus.  Most recently, I donated the cupcake proceeds to the MCNY fundraiser for P.R. disaster relief,” said Jennifer, “because I try to do what I can, whenever I can, to give back to my community.”

It is still early in Jennifer’s educational journey.  We look forward to her continued success.  By January 2020, we will be congratulating her on her Bachelors in Business Administration.