Now more than ever, leaders are being asked to do more with less while tackling issues in our community. May 6-12 was Public Service Recognition Week. The #myMCNY community was invited to nominate alumni to be recognized for their service.  If you missed the social media campaign on our various pages, this is what you missed!

We recognize #myMCNY Amazing Alum Teri Coaxum, award-winning leader, author, instructor and business coach who brings awareness to and educates people on empowerment, personal and professional. #PSRW

We recognize #myMCNY Amazing Alum Tasliym Goodman who brings awareness to and educates on issues of violence plaguing our communities. #PSRW

We recognize #myMCNY Amazing Alum Marricka Scott McFadden, Deputy Bronx Borough President, who is working to make a difference in the Bronx! #Bronx BP’s Office #PSRW

We recognize #myMCNY Amazing Alum Shana Melius, Co-founder of Preserve Our Legacy for educating minority groups on the benefits of stem cells and treatment options through bone marrow, peripheral blood stem cells or cord blood donation. #PSRW

We recognize #myMCNY Amazing Alum Xavier Porter who promotes That Suits You, helping provide men in need with professional attire to help them get back to work. #PSRW

We recognize #myMCNY Amazing Alum Brian Silva, Founder and Executive Director of the National Equality Action Team (NEAT), for harnessing the power of everyday people and partners anywhere, to make extraordinary change together, for LGBTQ+ Justice everywhere. #PSRW

We recognize #myMCNY Amazing Alum Dennis Tyson, President The O’Brien Dennis Initiative, which empowers and educates male victims of sexual violence to live productive lives in their communities. #PSRW