To the MCNY community,

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our College’s first fully online program, designed towards a graduate degree in Emergency and Disaster Management (MPA – EDM )and offered by our School for Public Affairs and Administration. This launch in Fall 2018 will culminate many years of research, analysis, and strategic planning. It will also further open the College’s doors to a broad, national, and even international student body.

In recent years, there has been a proliferation of degree programs in emergency and disaster management as the interconnected nature of our world has become apparent, both in terms of the wonderful opportunities that this affords citizens across the globe and the shared perils to which we are exposed. This, in turn, has engendered a keen interest in the field by both public and private institutions worldwide.

The online format of MCNY’s MPA – EDM e-program will be unique. In addition to being firmly rooted in the College’s highly regarded model of Purpose-Centered Education, it will be distinguished by its capstone experience, a week-long residency in which students from across the United States and the world will convene in New York City, the world’s center of expertise in the field of emergency and disaster management.

We are confident that the online MPA – EDM program will attract interest from various segments of the American workforce and from citizens of other countries who want to make the world a safer place for all. We are positive that this new mode of instruction delivery will increase enrollment, especially of students outside our traditional market in New York City and its metropolitan area. These will include residents of other states, active American military personnel serving on bases throughout the country and world, and residents of other countries.  It will certainly attract working adults who are not able to attend classes on campus because of employment and family obligations.

We extend a sincere thanks to our colleagues across the College within the various operational areas who are working diligently and rapidly to develop the policies and practices necessary to welcome the format’s first cohort of students in the fall 2018 term. Additionally, we want to particularly recognize Program Director Ali Gheith, Program Director Chuck Frank, E-Learning Coordinator Victor Kioulaphides, Assistant Dean David Hahn  and Vanessa Cruz, Assistant to the Chief Academic Officer, for their work in developing and securing the New York State Education Department’s and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education’s approval of the new format in record time.

Finally, we thank President Dr. Vinton Thompson, for his support. We are pleased that this historic outcome has come to fruition and in time to become part of his legacy.

This is a momentous step forward for MCNY, our students, faculty, and staff! Thank you all.

Tilokie Depoo, Ph.D. – Chief Academic Officer

Humphrey Crookendale — Dean, School for Public Affairs and Administration