Metropolitan College of New York’s Offices of Career Development and Student Services are proud to present:

The Conversation:  Male Survivors of Childhood Rape featuring a screening of a special episode of “Iyanla Fix My Life” followed by a Panel Discussion

A special thank you to MCNY MPA Alumnus and President of the non-profit, The O’Brien Dennis Initiative, Dennis Tyson for including MCNY and bringing this program to our students.

O’Brien Dennis Initiative (ODI) in collaboration with Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY) will be showcasing the Screening of Iyanla “Fix My Life: Male Survivors of Childhood Rape”. The intention is to have a discussion around male sexual abuse with a focus on black males who were sexually victimized as children. The screening is a powerful portrayal of the struggles that black men who were victimized as boys go through. The five men in the clip shared very personal stories of dealing with sexual trauma. Iyanla was able to give all five men the tools and the skills to live better lives.

Here’s a sneak peek…


The Founder, President & CEO of ODI, Dennis Tyson, who participated in the show, will be on hand to answer questions along with other male survivors of sexual abuse. There will be a question and answer section and those in attendance will get an opportunity to get a better understanding of the struggles of male sexual abuse from the voices of black male survivors.