By Kate Adler, Director of Library Services

Today is National Census Day. That just means the Census Bureau is taking stock of who has been counted so far, but you still have time to weigh in for yourself and your community. You can do it online here. 

In the past, we in the library have mainly talked about using the census to do research. It’s the census that provides all of the data that students use when describing the population demographics of a particular neighborhood or identifying a good place to start a business or a community that may be vulnerable in a disaster. 

These days, though, we are all vulnerable. We are living in what feels like a state of emergency.  Filling out the census is directly tied to ensuring that we have the resources that we need in the future so that we have what we need when we need it. The government allocates resources based on the information we provide when we fill out the census. 2020 Response rates for 2020 will determine government decisions about New York City for the next 10 years, including how much money New Yorkers receive for healthcare, schools, and housing, among other resources. 

We made a  Research Guide with information about the census and some helpful links. Email if you have any questions. Librarians are good people to talk to about this kind of thing! 

And if you are ready, fill it out! Start here