Research Tip of the Day  

By Natalia Sucre, Instruction & Digital Services Librarian

The Internet Archivea longstanding non-profit dedicated to providing “Universal Access to All Knowledge, has recently announced its National Emergency Library initiative, a digital collection of books to support emergency remote teaching and research. Like some of the food access initiatives discussed below, this is a case of an organization already dedicated to open resources stepping in crucially to fill a gap that COVID-19 exposes.  

If you are unable to find what you need in the MCNY and NYPL e-collections, check out this additional resource. The search on this site is simple, but effective! 

Accessing NYC Food Resources in the Time of COVID19 

It’s worth remembering that just a little over one long month ago, MCNY’s Student Services initiated its Food for Thought Pantry program. In doing so, the college joined a growing movement across higher ed institutions in the U.S. that recognizes and seeks to address the reality food insecurity among college students 

Now, as people lose their sources of income in a domino effect and just getting groceries becomes for many a strategic, sometimes impossible calculation fraught with risk, aupside emerges: More people, organizations, and governments are taking food insecurity head on.  

Below is a very incomplete list of initiatives around New York City that address food access and food insecurity issues in these times. We hope that you will add to the emerging picture of a city finally taking action against food insecurity by sharing the resources you are coming across yourselves in the MCNY Library Shared Resources spreadsheet (tag: food access resources). 

Neighbors, people are taking action. 

Invisible Hands – A network of volunteers organizing to provide safe, free deliveries for those most at risk to COVID -19  

Mutual Aid NYC Neighborhoods – Links to several local mutual aid projects focusing on food security 

The Okra Project – A collective that distributes food and supply kits to Black Trans/GNC people in NYC 

Organizations, large and small, are taking action 

Food Bank NYC – Free meals provided at various soup kitchens and food pantries. Click here to find the nearest open site. 

 NYC Food Hub Map  Restaurants across the city that are donating food to public school kids and their families. 

Local Roots – Community Supported Agriculture group donating free fresh vegetables to restaurant and healthcare workers. 

City government, partnering with organizations, are taking action. 

World Central Kitchen  – Partnership with City Council to distribute free meals throughout the Bronx, Queens, and Harlem 

Operation 5-Borough Food Drive  Fresh Direct partners with NYC borough presidents to provide  

Government is taking action 

NYC Schools- Free Meals – Grab and go meals provided at public school centers