Join the MCNY Community in congratulating Kimberly Heredia, Emergency and Disaster Management MPA’17, on her continued success at Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

FEMA Exercise Director Kimberly Heredia, Emergency and Disaster Management MPA’17, explained that the broad goal of the simulated multi-state event was to train state and federal emergency responders to work in lockstep. “Essentially, the goal of the exercise was to get new FEMA employees and state partners in our region acclimated to responding to the RRCC for an emergency — and to creating a coordinated emergency response,” Kimberly Heredia added that the exercise sought to foster innovation and collaboration ahead of regional emergencies, such as hurricanes, floods, blizzards, or pandemics. “We can find the gaps now — in this large-scale training ahead of a potential disaster — and make sure to improve on whatever we’ve found.”

Read the article FEMA Region 1 Hosts Multi-State Winter Disaster Response Exercise in its entirety on Homeland Security Today.

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