Welcome Back to MCNY

Learning Commons: Library, LEC, Mentor Program

On-campus services will be available by appointment. Writing and Math Tutors, Librarians and Peer-Mentors are all available virtually. Specific hours will be posted at the beginning of the fall term. For more information, visit each department’s website, or email learningcommons@mcny.edu.


  • Come to school if you are sick
  • Eat or drink in the classroom


  • Wear Face Coverings
  • Use Hand Sanitizing Stations
  • Maintain Social Distance
  • Carry your MCNY ID
  • Adhere to campus access hours
  • Eat only in designated areas such as the student lounge, and follow maximum capacity guidelines and social distancing
  • Bronx: Check-in on 2nd floor
  • Sign up for the Emergency Alert system to receive up-to-date information about any emergency closings. Go to the following link: http://www.mcny.edu/alert 
  • Check your MCNY email daily for information and updates
  • Check the MCNY.edu COVID page for weekly updates


The following are some questions and answers you may find helpful: 

1. Who do I alert if I believe I am sick or have symptoms of coronavirus?

If you are sick or have symptoms, please get tested and do not come to school.

If you test positive, after you have been on-site for a class or appointment, please notify us by sending an email to notifications@mcny.edu.

2. Will face coverings or masks be required?

Yes, face coverings will always be required while on campus.

All students will be required to follow CDC hygiene guidelines, including frequent hand washing. The college has installed hand sanitizer stations at various locations on each floor.

3. How do I obtain an ID, since we have not been on campus?

An MCNY ID card is required to enter campus. Those with older-style ID Card with a bard code on the front should request a new ID Card when entering campus.

4. What regulations and requirements will be enforced to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 on campus?

All students, employees, and faculty will be asked to wear masks and comply with social distancing.

Students will not be allowed to eat in the classroom but may utilize the student lounge. The lounge is also set up to accommodate a maximum number of students.  

Failure to follow the safety rules will lead to a request to exit the building. 

5. Will testing be available on site?

Testing will not be available on site

6. Where can I get tested?

Below are the sites to refer to for testing.



7. How will we practice social distancing in classrooms and other common areas of campus?

The spaces have been re-configured in accordance with the regulatory guidelines. We ask that all students be respectful of each other’s space and acknowledge that this will take some time to get used to.

8. How will students be notified about new COVID-19 cases and the spread?

We will be working with the Department of Health to address any positive cases and seeking their guidance.

9. How will the college handle remote classes, office hours and tutoring?

All departments will continue to operate and will have staff on-site daily. All on-site meetings with students will be done by appointment to keep the number of students on-site at an acceptable level.


10. What virtual resources will be available?

We have learned a lot about students’ needs and the technology and processes that will help us to meet those needs. All staff members will continue to serve students via Zoom when possible.

11. Who do I contact if I have questions?

If the question has to do with course content, assignments, or the course format, please contact the instructor.

If the question relates to re-entry, contact the Dean of Students, Cibarra@mcny.edu.