School’s Reorganization Better Prepares Students and Helps Meet the Needs of the Changing Workforce Dynamics

NEW YORK, NY- July 27, 2012 Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY) announced the formation of two new schools from its current School of Management:  The School for Public Affairs and Administration and the School for Business.  The announcement was made by MCNY President Vinton Thompson.

“Metropolitan College is evolving as quickly as today’s business and administrative industries,” said Thompson.  “We are pleased to announce this reorganization.  The creation of the two new schools will allow us to meet the needs of our students and better prepare them for the highly competitive and specialized professional workforce environment.  Each day, we move closer and closer to meeting our goal of making MCNY the preeminent institution serving students in the New York City area.”

Humphrey Crookendale,
Dean of School for Public Affairs and Administration, MCNY

The new School for Public Affairs and Administration, which will include the MPA in Public Affairs and Administration and the MPA in Emergency and Disaster Management, will be headed by Dean Humphrey Crookendale, who presently serves as Dean of the School of Management. The School for Public Affairs and Administration will continue to offer MCNY’s unique MPA programs of study and practice designed for working professionals with experience related to a public agency, not-for-profit or profit making setting.  The Master’s of Public Administration celebrates its 25th anniversary next year.

“Over the next 25 years, I look forward to seeing the program cement its academic gains, further strengthen its curriculum and expand its service to the citizens of New York City,” stated Dean Crookendale. “The MPA program will continue to challenge each and every one of its students to be a problem solver, policy analyst, and engaged citizen of the dynamic metropolitan area.” 

MCNY’s MPA in Emergency and Disaster Management is internationally renowned.  The highly-specialized degree program develops the knowledge of professionals already working in the field by providing focused training and experience in support, management and supervision in the event of natural, system-wide, or human-induced crises.

Dr. Tilokie Depoo,
Dean of School for Business, MCNY

The new School for Business will include BBA in Business AdministrationMBA in Media ManagementMBA in Financial ServicesMBA in General Management and our most recent BBA in Healthcare System Management.  Dr. Tilokie Depoo, who presently serves as Director of Business Programs, will serve as Dean.

“The goal for me and our new School for Business is steady advancement of students utilizing our Purpose-Centered Education model and superb faculty. We want to create an atmosphere where creativity and relevance are encouraged to impact community and self, while maintaining a commitment to excellence and high standards,” stated Dr. Depoo.

MCNY has added new courses within the Business program and strengthened its commitment to Purpose‑Centered Education, where students work methodically every semester to further increase their understanding of the world of business, while developing their own businesses or products. Additionally, the curricula have been technologically enriched to better equip graduates for the evolving marketplace.

Davinder Kaur, Program Coordinator,
Undergraduate Business, School for Business

Rounding out the team of the new School for Business is the appointment of Davinder Kaur, MPM, as Coordinator of the undergraduate general business program.  Ms. Kaur has been with the MCNY Business Programs for over three years.  She was previously the Executive Academic Administrator.  Reporting to the Dean of the School for Business, Kaur will coordinate and oversee the management of the undergraduate general business program and work with students, faculty, and staff on initiatives that enhance the School for Business.

About Metropolitan College of New York 

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