Female tech CEO Miram Ebrahim is a 2015 graduate of MCNY’s School for Business MBA in Media Management program and the co-founder of the new networking app THE COMMON CONNECT APP which helps professionals connect by customizing and selecting the job titles and industries of interest.  The Common Connect App takes a disruptive and intuitive approach to networking, answering the burning question—WHO are all the people I pass every day? All the professionals you would like to associate yourself with are at arm’s length. Fusing high-tech with the human experience of being out in the world today, Common Connect integrates the people surrounding you into your business world.  You can be part of the pre-launch by signing up today!

Miram is no stranger to success in the tech world.  She has worked as a Senior Account Executive at Google and Senior Sales Leader at Apple where she set records in 2015 for breaking 1.4 million in sales.  Prior to moving into the tech world, Miram was part of the NAACP Award-nominated team responsible for producing the coverage of Nelson Mandela’s memorial service for BET.  At NY1 News, she was on-air talent, on the red carpet of the TIME 100’s Most Influential People interviewing celebs such as Nick Cannon, and Richard Branson.