There is a good chance that you have seen this smart, classy and sassy woman taking the “escalator of success” on a TV near you!  What are we talking about?  Social Entrepreneur Erinne M. Perry is the face of MCNY in our television and digital ads. As you learn more about Erinne, you’ll see why!

Soon after graduating from MCNY in August 2014 with an MBA in Financial Services, Erinne M. Perry landed her “dream job” at one of the “big four” firms. The 26-year-old Southside Jamaica, Queens resident credits her success to her MBA, which enabled her to join the firm at a higher position than she otherwise would have.  These days, with success under her belt, Erinne is taking her knowledge and love of numbers to a higher calling.  As a Teaching Artist for the non-profit Creative Connections, she teaches entrepreneurship and accounting to middle school students.  She also teaches the principles of accounting to working professionals preparing to sit for the Certified Bookkeeping Exam at Technical Institute of America.

“I once read adversity is the best education. While I learned about Financial Services at MCNY, life taught me a set of different lessons. I was working full-time as a Senior tax accountant, in the process of completing my CPA exams and getting my MBA.  During this one year…I failed the first two attempts at my CPA exam, I lost my uncle and grandmother and my mother was battling breast cancer,” says Erinne reflecting back at a difficult year in her life.

“In my college essay, I stated, ‘I believe the best of our competencies and strengths are brought to action when we willingly take on challenges.’ I was forced to stretch myself not only academically, but mentally, physically and emotionally, ” says Erinne, “My college journey was nothing short of a rollercoaster, and nonetheless, despite the ups and downs, it was a ride worth taking.”


On August 1st, 2016, Erinne Perry resigned from her Corporate America position to relentlessly pursue a pathway of social entrepreneurship. Her goal is to create a legacy.  On July 6, 2015, on a trip to South Africa, she came to the profound realization that her purpose in life is to change the trajectory of billions of lives utilizing her God-given talents, abilities, and resources. Her future plans include creating businesses and platforms that will in the long-run, help people achieve their goals.

“My experience at MCNY taught me things inside, as well as, outside of the classroom. I was able to elevate myself on both a personal and professional level leveraging what I’ve learned from my college experiences,” says Erinne, “As I develop my organizations, LORI and Athletic Intellectuals, much of what I learned has proven relevant.”

Erinne Perry is also an aspiring singer, rapper, spoken word artist, author, motivational speaker, educator, and philanthropist.  She is also a contributor to the MCNY School for Business Alumni Network Blog.  At only 26 years old, she plans to spend the rest of her time on earth living life and enjoying all life has to offer — enjoying the people that matter most!  And that’s a lesson for all of us!