The MCNY Emergency Fund Grant provides grants up to $750 to MCNY students who are facing current short-term financial emergencies. With the grant, MCNY seeks to assist students to complete their education. The MCNY Emergency Fund Grant is funded through external donations and fundraising efforts. Approval for the grant is subject to change based on the availability of these funds.

Examples of such emergencies include, but are not limited to:

  • Overdue utilities bills and shut-off notices
  • Overdue rent, at risk of eviction
  • Housing assistance for homelessness
  • Medical and dental bills for uninsured non-elective procedures
  • Destruction of living quarters, due to fire or other natural disaster
  • Theft of computer, books, clothing, or other essential belongings
  • Assistance in paying for food, transportation, and basic necessities due to recent financial difficulty
  • Emergency child care for legal dependents
  • Travel for illness or death in the immediate family
  • Domestic violence (related to housing, access to funds, medical, etc)
  • Other (applicants will be asked to provide a detailed explanation of emergency)

Emergency Grants will not be given for:

  • Past MCNY tuition charges
  • Legal representation
  • Personal debts
  • Student loan repayment

Matriculated students in good standing, who are experiencing a current and unforeseen financial emergency, are eligible to apply for emergency fund assistance once per academic year.

To apply, please do the following

Completed applications will be reviewed by a Committee and additional information may be requested.