The SAP Success Program is for you, the student who is committed to completing your degree and making the most of your studies. The SAP Success Program is a peer-led mentoring program designed to help students get back on track with their studies. For some students, life can throw a curve ball, or issues with family, work, housing and health can have a huge impact on academic success. This Program builds peer connections and academic success skills, led by a peer success coach who has navigated similar speedbumps.

What does SAP mean?

SAP stands for Satisfactory Academic Progress. Satisfactory Academic Progress is required in order to qualify for federal and state financial aid funds. Financial Aid regulations require that schools monitor the academic progress of each applicant for federal financial assistance and that the school certify that the applicant is making appropriate progress toward earning his/her degree. Here is a list of the standards that students are required to meet to be eligible for federal aid.

When students do NOT meet the federal standards, federal aid can be lost, making it quite hard for many students to continue pursuing their degrees.

So what is SAP Success?

Students who are in excellent academic standing:

  • Make Satisfactory Academic Progress

  • Understand the impact of academic performance on financial aid

  • Know how to make clear, practical goals for academic success

  • Practice creative time management skills

  • Know how and when to use campus resources to support academic success

  • Take responsibility for their college journey

  • Are unafraid to learn from the successes of other students like them

How does the SAP Success Program work?

MCNY has a SAP Peer Success Coach Program that provides students, who have not made satisfactory progress toward academic goals, with ongoing support to meet academic goals. The SAP Peer Success Coaches are ready to help peers connect and build strengths together. Students currently on SAP Warning or Probation receive a special invitation to participate.

Potential Benefits of Participating in the SAP Success Program

  • Improved GPA

  • Improved pathway to degree completion and graduation

  • Increased eligibility for other aid and scholarships

  • Increased likelihood of admission to Graduate schools

  • Development of support networks within MCNY community