MCNY SEVIS I-20 Application:

For the SEVIS I-20, accepted international applicants must complete and submit the proper downloadable MCNY I-20 Application for International Students with supporting documents dated three month before the intended semester of enrollment.* Accepted international students must demonstrate sufficient funds (converted in US dollars) to cover the costs of tuition and living expenses to complete your desired program of study, recent documents of supporting evidence may include any of the following:

  • Personal bank statements (checking/savings accounts)
  • Bank or investment statements
  • Income tax returns as proof of annual income
  • Pay stubs from your recent employer as proof regular income
  • Affidavit(s) of support from one or more sponsors
  • Business registration, ownership documents, and profit and loss statements from a company owner as a sponsor
  • Property deed, lease or rent receipts from housing sponsors

*Official bank letters may not be accepted; outdated documents will not be accepted

After receiving the SEVIS I-20, Accepted international applicants must contact the US Embassy in their home country to schedule the earliest available visa appointment for the F-1 student visa. Here is the link: