How to use the cooperating teacher voucher

At the end of each semester, a New York State certified cooperating teacher who mentors an MSED program student within their classroom receives an official Cooperating Teacher Voucher that entitles them to register for a tuition-free graduate course at MCNY.

To use the voucher, the cooperating teacher should first submit an on-line graduate application for the purposes of creating all the necessary registration credentials (i.e. ID#, email login, etc.).

Following that, the teacher also submit digital copies to MCNY Admissions Office, of the following:

  • Valid photo ID (driver’s license, passport, or employment)

  • Teacher certificate or license

  • Proof of immunization (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) is required by NYS Public Health Law 2165 for all students born after January 1, 1957 if you are taking six or more credits.

The following are some common Questions and Answers related to enrolling in courses with the Cooperating Teacher Voucher:

Q: When may I register?
A: Registration with the voucher extends from the end of pre-registration (academic advisement) through the first day of classes. Please check the Academic Calendar on the MCNY website for specific dates.

Q: What is the cost of the course?
A: Although the course is free with the voucher, you are responsible for all applicable fees and the cost of books.

Q: How many courses may I take?
A: You may take one course per voucher. If you have two vouchers you may take two courses.

Q: If I am only taking one or two courses in a semester, how will I be registered?
A: You will be enrolled in the student category of ‘Non-Degree/Non-Matriculating, degree/curriculum”.

Q: Will I be guaranteed enrollment for the course that I choose?
A: Although priority seating will be offered to paying enrollees, the College will strive to place you in your chosen course.

Q: Might someone else use the voucher if I am unable?
A: No, the voucher is not transferable.

Q: Will a duplicate voucher be issued if one is lost?
A: No, the voucher will not be replaced.

Q: What happens to my voucher if I should withdraw?
A: The voucher is expended once you enroll. No extension, replacement, or rain check will be issued if you withdraw.

Q: Are there income tax implications if I use the voucher?
A: Yes, the College must issue an IRS 1099 form at the year’s end for the value of the tuition of the course(s) covered by the voucher(s). You are encouraged to discuss this with your tax advisor.