The Master of Science in Project Management Curriculum is made up of 12 courses for a total of 36 credits. The curriculum consists of three foundational or core courses to prepare students with the basic project management skills and knowledge, six advanced project management courses dealing with strategic specialization and ethics, and three constructive action courses associated with the capstone project.

Purpose 1
Purpose 2
Purpose 3
MPM 610 PCA – Constructive Action 1 (CA1) Strategic Project Research & Analysis in Project management MPM 620 PCA – Constructive Action 2 (CA2) Strategic Project Planning & Analysis MPM 630 PCA – Constructive Action 3 (CA3) Strategic Project Implementatio
MPM 610 SYS Principles of Project management MPM 620 SYS Project Resource management MPM 630 SYS Procurement & Supply Chain management & Legal Aspect
MPM 610 SKI Project Scope management MPM 620 SKI Project Cost management MPM 630 SKI Project Risk & Quality management
MPM 610 SEL Project Communications management MPM 620 SEL Planning & Scheduling in Projects MPM 630 VAL Ethics in Project Management
12 credits 12 credits 12 credits

Purposes in MCNY represents semesters