Over 12 months, our graduate students explore the complex world of emergency and disaster management issues and learn the critical-thinking and decision-making skills necessary to support and supervise comprehensive, integrated and effective management in the event of natural, system-wide, or human-induced crisis.
Through assessment of a broad range of modern disasters and complex emergency situations, the program provides students with a working knowledge of needs, preparedness, service delivery systems, impact on communities, decision-making and ethics.

Purpose 1 Purpose 2 Purpose 3
Identification of Organizational Disaster Needs Implementation of an Emergency Management Plan Evaluation & Improvement of an Emergency Management Plan
Values & Ethics for Administrative Decision Making Public Health Preparedness and Response Implementation Information Technologies & Cybersecurity in Disaster Planning
Research & Analysis Methods in Disaster Management Economic & Social Trends & Implementing Social Services The Impact of Global Crises on Communities and the Ethics of International Response
Foundation of Business Continuity Management Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) Advanced Business Continuity Practicum
Preparing & Planning for Disasters Enterprise Risk Management Homeland Security Policy & Procedures