The Bachelor of Business Administration in Healthcare Systems Management program focuses on eight essential Purposes. Self Assessment & Career Development, Developing Professional Relationships in the Healthcare Field, Quality Management in the Healthcare Field, Assessing Community Healthcare Needs, Marketing Healthcare, Managing Resources in Healthcare, Managing Fiscal & Economic Resources in Healthcare, Creating an Innovative Business Plan for Healthcare Services.

The complete degree program requires 120 credits. Each semester, students earn 15 credits. Each credit represents 15 semester hours of class work plus 30 hours of study.

Purpose 1 Purpose 2 Purpose 3 Purpose 4
Constructive Action Self Assessment and Career Development in Healthcare Developing Professional Relationships in Healthcare Quality Management in Healthcare Field Assessing Community Healthcare Needs
Values & Ethics Critical Thinking and Writing through Literature Public Speaking and the Art of Persuasion Contemporary Values and Classical Ethics Diversity in Healthcare
Self & Others Human Anatomy and Physiology Health Services Management I Health Services Management II Community Health Services
Systems Principles of Business Computer Applications for Profit and non-profit Management Principles of Management Macroeconomics
Skills Medical Terminology Medical Insurance Managerial Statistics Pathophysiology
Credits 15 15 15 15
Purpose 5 Purpose 6 Purpose 7 Purpose 8
Constructive Action Marketing Healthcare Managing Human Resources in Healthcare Managing Fiscal and Economic Resources in Healthcare Creating an Innovative Business Plan for Healthcare Services
Values & Ethics Political & Economic Philosophy Empowerment Through the Arts American Government Regulatory Aspects of Healthcare
Self & Others Principles of Marketing Health Informatics Principles of Finance Introduction to Gerontology
Systems Microeconomics Healthcare Human Resources Management Healthcare Financing Technology and Innovations in Healthcare
Skills Principles of Psychology Accounting Medical Coding and Billing Procedures Principles of Project Management
Credits 15 15 15 15