MBA in Financial Services Curriculum 1 Year, 45 Credits

The MBA in Financial Services is a comprehensive program that focuses on strategic planning and business administrations for managing financial services. The semesters combine academic study with real management initiatives, where students research, plan, and implement business initiatives. The program prepares students –with or without prior business study – to develop a career path in the financial services industry.

Dimensions Purpose 1

Industry & Venture Assessment

Purpose 2

Business Planning, Development & Marketing

Purpose 3

Implementation, Actualization & Evaluation

Constructive Action CA1: Strategic Industry Analysis CA2: Strategic Planning CA3: Strategic Management & Evaluation
Values & Ethics Financial Regulations Fraud Analysis and Ethics Behavioral Finance and International Practicum
Self & Others Financial Big Data Management Financial Services Marketing FinTech Project Management
Systems Business Financial Planning Taxation and Compliance Wealth Management
Skills Managerial Accounting Managerial Economics Managerial Finance
Credits 15 15 15

Foundation courses

Managerial Statistics Principles of Management & Marketing Principles of Financial Accounting Principles of Economics & Finance