MCNY’s MBA in General Management offers a curriculum that serves as a solid foundation in all the fundamental business disciplines. And, in addition to the subjects covered in traditional MBA programs, we integrate the College’s Purpose-Centered System of Education, which provides students with the opportunity to use the knowledge they gain in their studies to take positive action in the organization where they are employed. Students earn credit for these hours, thereby making it possible to work part- time or full time while attending classes full- time.

Purpose 1 Purpose 2 Purpose 3
Constructive Action Industry & Venture: Strategic Industry Analysis Business Planning: Strategic Planning Actualization & Evaluation: Strategic Management & Evaluation
Values & Ethics Business Law and Ethics Risk Management and Compliance Corporate Social Responsibility and International Practicum
Self & Others Emerging Technologies and Business Empowerment Marketing in a Flat World People, Conflict, Negotiation and Resolution
Systems Intra and Entrepreneurship & Business Management Organizational Behavior, Development & Transformation Innovation and Knowledge Management
Skills Managerial Accounting Managerial Economics Managerial Finance
Credits 15 15 15

Foundation courses

Managerial Statistics Principles of Management & Marketing Principles of Financial Accounting Principles of Economics & Finance